Mondays Shake 2.0 Coconut and Almond


Complete drinkable meal with natural flavor of coconut and almond.

Mondays 2.0 offers you the perfect meal without added sugar, 23% pea protein isolate and 26 vitamins and minerals. The blend of natural ingredients will give you protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Don't worry, you won't get hungry. Mondays is a complete and nutritious meal to eat whenever and wherever you want.

How to use: Add 400-450ml of water, milk or vegetable drink to your favorite Mondays and shake for a few seconds.

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    Mondays Shake benefits - Vegan2


    Mondays Shake benefits - ProteinaErvilha

    23% Pea Protein Isolate

    Mondays Shake benefits - Nutrients Source

    26 Vitamins & Minerals

    Mondays Shake benefits - NoSugar

    No Sugar Added