Our history

It´s common for people not to like the first day of the week, seen as a day of laziness. Our aim is to simplify people's lives, starting their week in the best way, fighting low mood and motivation. The negative connotation of a Monday gains another energy after drinking a Mondays.

Mondays started with a conversation between two friends, that decided to bet on a new trend in the European Natural and Healthy food market.

As a joke, people ask a lot: should we drink Mondays only on Mondays? The answer is simple: you can drink whenever you want!

We are based on three ideas:

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You don't need to sacrifice a nutritious meal for convenience

Every day consumers are more aware of the importance of a balanced diet, however, they do not always have the time, money or access to make good food choices. Mondays emerged with the goal of simplifying everyone's life without sacrificing convenience for something complete, nutritious and functional.




Sustainability is available to everyone

It is increasingly important to understand the world we live in and our place, even the smallest companies can contribute, if they want. Our goal is to:

Combat food waste - extended shelf life without losing its nutritional characteristics.

Reduce meat consumption by offering a nutritionally complete plant-based product.

Helping others to get nutritious food when they need it most.

To change people's mentality, offering a convenient, accessible and sustainable product.


Food can be drinkable

Some people have a hard time accepting Mondays as a meal because they don't have the "traditional" shape and we don't need to chew. In fact, what you are really drinking is oats, quinoa, maltodextrin, spinach, hemp seeds and pea protein that have been ground into powder.

We don't want to change your eating habits, but rather offer an excellent alternative, whether for someone more lazy with an unbalanced diet or for those who just don't have time to eat what they like most.

As our slogan states: Eat, whatever, whenever.


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