A Mondays with you is a good idea

by Miguel Martins on April 24, 2019

Launching a different concept is not an easy task and often when questioning the ideal time to eat / drink smartfood, the normal thing is to resort to generic phrases "Don't waste time" or typical images of a happy executive riding in the car with his shaker.

They are all true! And believe me that they will appear in our fantastic feed.

But here the purpose is to highlight more concrete examples of how a Mondays can be a good alternative for the different meals of your day.


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Will we start?



They say that breakfast is the most important meal, where we should get energy for our day. However, most of the time we are pouring the cereal into a bowl while watching the Instagram feed or running to the car with half a loaf in the mouth.

Have you noticed where Mondays fits in “photography”?

Whether because of laziness to do something more elaborate or because the alarm clock did not ring, your Mondays breakfast takes 30 seconds to prepare and nothing indicates that you should consume it sitting on the sofa or kitchen. Mix, shake and take it with you. You may not be late for work (and here comes the picture of the happy executive). Ah! And for those who are still clinging to chocolate milk, the no-brainer will be Mondays Cacau e Avelã.


The average worker has 1 hour of lunch. Now, get off the desk, go down the elevator, choose the restaurant, wait for a table, and there were 15 minutes. Now all you have to do is sit and wait for the food. You find yourself asking for the bill and there are 5 minutes left to get back to the desk. How many times have we found ourselves in this situation? The truth is that dining with co-workers, friends, boyfriend / grandpa is as good as taking a walk around the city with a Mondays in hand. Well, actually, it’s not.

It is only more practical and economical.

There are also cases of the brave, who like to go to the gym during lunch time so as not to waste time. But like everything in life, we win on one side and lose on the other. In this case the defeat goes to the lunch meal where most of the time it is overcome with something from the vending machine or the same salad every day.

Are you going for a complete and nutritious meal that you can drink between the gym and work?


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You no longer need to eat on the run.


17:00 in the afternoon, the arms are already tired of writing and in a way (even if it is in our unconscious) we already think that the end of the workday is near. It is also the typical height of our belly to say that we need to snack. Here comes the biggest dilemma in human history, what to eat? Some cookies just to fool the hunger (but that satisfy little)? Go down to the cafeteria and slouch with some cake? Drink a Mondays and if you need to eat less at dinner?

As you can see, we have not solved the dilemma, but we have created yet another alternative for wise people to discuss the issue of the century.


Finally dinner time, and there is no debate about how good it is to sit at the table with family / friends and unwind, especially when it is night near the weekend (and summer!)

Now it is also true that Mondays is a complete meal and easy to digest and therefore you will not have any problems sleeping or you will have that feeling of bloated belly. It is during sleep that your body best absorbs the nutrients of each ingredient.


Do not think that there is any interesting tip here because supper is always a sin, but if the belly and conscience are in a hellish fight between hunger and eating something healthy, a Mondays (go half Mondays) can be the soldier of peace!


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Here's the tip!


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