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by Miguel Martins on June 06, 2019

If you take a quick look at the Poupa e Ganha Blog, website with tips, homemade tricks and other suggestions to help save time and money, you will notice that its author is a fan of “smartfood” meals as, as Miguel Patrício says “it is an item interesting and useful to have on hand in different situations, such as: When we don't have time or support to cook. When we go out, take a walk, make the most of the beach, etc ... and we want to avoid wasting money on restaurants. ”

This time I had the opportunity to try Mondays ”I tried 10 Mondays shakes of the 3 varieties available, thus replacing some of my meals.”

It is with great joy that we see people taking Mondays and extolling the qualities behind the product such as “Preparing a Mondays meal is one of the simplest things in the world!” as well as “As for being satiated for about 3 hours, no doubt I was…”

But it is also important to know that there are things to improve such as our shaker being “totally opaque, it makes it difficult to dose the amount of liquid”

Dutly noted Sir

Mondays is a brand that wants to improve with its customers, that wants to evolve in creating improvements in current products as well as in new flavors / types of meals. The statement “Mondays exists to simplify your life” did not come from a lamp that lit over our heads but because it is the path that the brand wants to follow.

This space is for you to comment on what is needed, what you want to improve or even suggestions of flavors because as much as Miguel liked “the texture and flavor of all the smoothies, especially the cocoa and hazelnut!”, each has their opinion.

Not wanting to shed any tears in your eye, we would like to count on you on this adventure.


Thanks Save and win by review, you can read the full edition here. Also take advantage and visit the website that presents constant tips as well as hobbies, free samples and other opportunities.

Basically, the most important thing is to experiment (beep beep Rookie Pack) and join the Mondays generation.

Thank you Miguel,


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