We went to LACS to present Mondays

by GT Collaborator on June 07, 2019

Without wanting to play one of the most persistent politicians who like to repeat the same thing over and over, we reinforce an idea here: Mondays wants to grow based on the opinion of each one.

It seems logical then that the ideal Mondays work space would be within the concept of co-work, with people from different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and different companies. Deep down, working within a true community.

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Yes a true Community

Making a real cliché here, this week we were present at LACS, Community of Creators. Who has never heard is because he is distracted. It is a franchise of cowork spaces that provide not only excellent working conditions, but also a true social environment. There are currently 3 LACS spaces: in Anjos; Conde de Óbidos and Cascais where everyone has their own charm, but all share the same synergy in relation to the friendliness and well-being of the people who work there.

Mondays is for workers, creatives, visionaries, entrepreneurs and LACS was a perfect stage to make our concept known. During the 4th and 5th of June, we gave our product a try to everyone who was interested in knowing the concept or who were ashamed to say no after a “little” insistence.

Adult content

But the truth is that after explaining the concept, what ingredients are at the base of each Mondays and giving it a try, we certainly noticed that Instagram notifications appeared, with more and more Followers interested in following the brand.

It was undoubtedly an experience, proving that these types of actions are worth carrying out, whether in events, co-works, prai… .well it's better to stop here (wink wink).

We want to repeat the experience and the LACS team also showed enthusiasm for this idea (thank god). But we don't stop there, we know that there are more coworks that will want to do these practices. Come talk to us!

Or we will go after you

Have some pictures - Courtesy of @ mam.pic


Mondays at LACS 1

Mondays at Lacs 2

Mondays at Lacs 3


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