Mondays 2.0 has arrived

Mondays 2.0 has arrived

Mondays launched on April 2019 with a very simple purpose: To offer a balanced meal alternative and simplify people's lives. Just by mixing up our powder with water, you can have a tasty, complete and nutritious meal. It was born under a concept which is still uncommon for most Europeans. After receiving a great quantity of feedback for the last 8 months, we move forward with an improved formula.

Hello Mondays 2.0.


Mondays 1.0 Vs 2.0
The base ingredients have not changed. We kept oats, quinoa, spinach powder, hemp seeds and pea protein isolated. So what has changed?

1) No more isomalt

Isomalt is a natural sweetener used to replace sugar. A good option for those who like to adopt a healthier lifestyle by excluding sugar from their diet and still want a little sweetness in their life. Removing isomalt was a suggestion from our consumers and we followed that request. This resulted in an improved texture and a more natural taste of all ingredients.

2) Increment isolated pea protein to 23%

Our first Mondays contained approximately 18% isolated pea protein. Although it was already a nice amount,protein is a key element for the body's proper functioning and muscle recovery. One of the reasons why protein is so important to our diet is because it contains essential amino acids. The body does not produce 9 essential amino acids, so they must be obtained through food. Lysine is one of these amino acids and is essential for building connective tissue like skin, cartilage and bones.

3) No added sugar

We removed the sugar addition. Something we wanted from day one but it isn't easy to create something with our nutritional values ​​and offer a pleasant taste at the same time. But we did it!

The sugar in shake 2.0 is derived from its constituent ingredients. Maltodextrin is the main energy source of Mondays.
There are many different opinions on this ingredient, however it is proven that Maltodextrin helps our body by providing sufficient carbohydrates as a source of energy engaging protein assist for muscle reconstruction.

4) Add 2 more vitamins

Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B8) has a significant contribution to the maintenance and repair of all cells/tissues. Often applied in the skin and mucous membranes to accelerate the healing process of wounds (cuts and scrapes), ulcers (sores) and inflammation.

Biotin (Vitamin B8) helps release energy from lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and activates your body's natural energy. It's responsible for strengthening nails, combating hair loss, skin renewal and cholesterol reduction.

5) Increased nutritional values

We considerably increased values ​​of 9 vitamins and minerals with great emphasis on vitamin D and vitamin B12. These are very popular among vegan consumers, as they are hard to find in vegan meals.

We were also able to intensify the natural aroma and taste. The texture was also improved.

We're proud of this achievement but this isn't the end line. 

We want opinions and suggestions in order to come up with the most nutritious and tasty meal possible.

Looking forward to try?

Rookie Pack includes 6 flavors and a shaker, all this only for 20 euros. Best way for newcomers!

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