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Do not waste food!

Have you stopped to think how much food you waste?

Hunger is not justified by the lack of food in the world. According to the New York Times, we globally waste 1,3 billion tons of food a year. We produce enough food for everyone but approximately 1 / 3 is wasted. In most cases this happens in our kitchen when we prepare meals and do not eat them entirely. How many times have you let food rot in your fridge?

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If the waste of food were a country, it would be the world's third largest producer of carbon dioxide, after the United States and China.

In other cases, the food waste is in agriculture. To get a sense, in South Asia, half of cauliflower production is considered loss because there is insufficient refrigeration path lack of access to technological means as well as transport one of the causes.

It does not stop here, supermarkets want perfect fruits and vegetables. They must have noticed the supermarket islands with shiny apples that appeal to the freshness of food, more attractive and tasty. All those foods that seem like bad examples are immediately thrown away.

As consumers, we create poor eating habits, eventually falling into this buying manipulation. The result is the continuation of this retail behavior in putting on the shelves products that reflect the ambitious standards of the consumer.

There were several responses to food waste. While some focus on reducing overall food waste, others find innovative ways to channel this waste into something productive.

It's hard to come up with an ideal solution, but we can have behaviors that can help reduce this number. One of the advantages of consuming Mondays is knowing exactly what amounts of nutrients and ingredients you are consuming. To consume a Mondays meal you do not have to throw away any portion or eat on the following days before it breaks down. We promote the fight against the problem of food waste through a complete and functional meal with an extended shelf life. We are the first to warn that we must maintain a balanced diet and therefore a diet based on Mondays is something we do not recommend. Let's not replace what you eat, just offer a great alternative.

It's time we looked to food with other eyes and that's what we did when we created the Mondays. In order to reach our basic revenue, we took into account what you normally consume in your daily life as well as the quantities of products you buy. Now you can find everything in a small package, with all the essential nutrients in powder form.

Makes you think right?

Articles on this topic are no shortage but you can start with the New York Times:


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