Voltar à rotina laboral com Mondays | Mondays

Back to daily routine with Mondays

September is always a bittersweet month, on one hand we have energies recharged after summer holidays, on the other hand we return to the old routines. That Sunday before returning to work can be considered the most painful day of all 365:

. We count every minute passing as the day begins to end.

- There's a believe that we lost all knowledge about our work just by remembering what we have to do tomorrow, as if our minds had been swept away on vacation.

- The probability of being able to sleep more than 6 hours without suffering insomnia is as remote as winning the lottery.

                                    Back to work or vacation forever

We have good news for you: Mondays may be an ideal solution to many problems you have in your daily routine or new activities that came from post-holiday promises. Those typical examples that differ a lot from reality like “Wow I overdo this vacation, I'm going to the gym every day” where in reality what happens is “Right now I'm going to the gym twice a week if it doesn't rain” or “ Well I just ate crap, from now on my eating habits will just go through salads ”and then “ I don't have time for lunch, I'm going to Mc Donald's to be quick ”.

We never tire of repeating, eating is among the best things in the world. But often we do not have time to sit at the table for an hour or simply want to enjoy our lunch time in different ways. It is at these times that Mondays meals are presented as a good alternative, proving that you don't have to sacrifice a nutritious and complete meal for convenience.

The typical questions people ask are:

But what time of the day should I take a Mondays?

Not sir! We're not going to repeat the many examples written in the fantastic article “Having a Mondays with you is always a good idea,” but we leave the link below for the most distracted ones who haven't had a chance to read:


But we have another idea commented by several wise people: Sometimes instead of using Mondays as a set meal, it may be wiser to use throughout the day. Having the shaker next to you with Mondays ready (fresh please) can always help keep your appetite in balance and end those hunger pangs that come on at different times of the day. Replaces any chocolate, candy, cookies that are usually always there by hand in the locker under the table.

But should I eat Mondays every day?

Well, how about eating lasagna every day for two weeks? Obviously in the third week you will only wish for another.


The best recommendation we can give is : try to understand how to tailor this meal on a daily basis. Whether in the morning, afternoon, evening or throughout the day, Mondays purpose is to always have a quality meal nearby. This should be consumed when it is appropriate for us. You don't have to buy and consume all meals at once, the expiration date is long (attention when you mixed with water the expiration passes to 24h since each meal is made with natural ingredients).

So, Why don't you open your drawer and replace that chocolate milka with a Mondays package? Ok no need to replace, there is room for both.

If you haven't tried it yet, give it a go!

Ps: When we talk about work we also include here students from universities. Have you ever wondered how useful this meal can be in those endless group works or studies until 6 in the morning?


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